Sunday, April 16, 2017

Elementary OS: Free Installation

Don't be Intimidated

Elementary OS ( has received a reasonable amount of press. It's a Linux distro with a pretty face and has been getting positive reviews. BUT: it wants to know how much $$ you're going to pay before you proceed to download it. What? A Linux distro that costs $$? Well, that's the way it appears. And, if you download it and love it, you should consider contributing with a donation. But what if you just want to check it out first? Click on download and up pops a dialog to collect some money. Is there a free alternative? Yep:

BEFORE you click on download, click into the "Custom Amount" field and type 0.00 and then click on the Download button. The next dialog will let you click another Download button to get the download started. Once downloaded, if you run the .ISO file line any other distribution, you can "try" it (live CD) or "install" it. One way to both install and try it out of course it to create a new Virtual Machine using something like Oracle Virtual Box. You can install Elementary OS as well as Oracle Virtual Box without spending a dime.

For a nice introduction to this distro, see: Note that it's built on Ubuntu LTS.