Friday, October 30, 2015

From Android to iPhone: a Few Notes

After six years of Android phones (HTC was by far the best!), I'm now using an iPhone. But I'm still Google-centric. Here are a few notes:

  • The Google Calendar app for the iPhone is awesome. Love the scheduler view.
  • Google Maps works fine.
  • "Google" itself is ok. Seems to have trouble finding things at times. Fortunately, Siri is getting better.
  • Google Contacts: finally tamed this as follows:
    • Log into iCould on a PC
    • Click on one contact
    • Use ctrl-A to select all
    • Hit the delete key
    • Wait! (Takes a while)
    • When prompted to delete, delete all the contacts
    • Use ContactSync to manually sync from Gmail to iCloud
    • From that point on you can use a two-way sync if you like
My transition to the iPhone was made easy by several years of using an iPad. Android is getting so very good, that it's a toss up which OS you prefer. The key with Android is to get a phone you're happy with. 

For me the iPhone is the Cadillac of phones. Android is the Chevrolet. Both are nice, iPhone is a bit more luxurious -- and most of the time that's good, sometimes not so.